Environmental Statement

Kevin R, Twigger & Associates recognises that what we do can have a positive and negative impact on the environment. Our environmental policy addresses the impacts that we can control and influence.


We are committed to becoming a role model for best practice in environmental performance. We are committed to sustainable development, to reduce the impact on the environment from our operations and to maximise environmental improvement.  We will develop a strategy and programme in relation to our corporate social responsibility and environmental agenda to deliver this.


We will:

  • Minimise waste by identifying ways to reduce, re-use and recycle; in particular we will reduce office consumables and packaging.
  • Purchase in an environmentally responsible manner. We expect all suppliers to co-operate fully in the delivery of our environmental targets.
  • Minimise pollution from greenhouse gas emissions which result from our energy use. We will do this through in-house energy efficiency and we will also actively investigate the use of alternative energy systems.
  • Review our travel policy with a view to reducing the impact of travel. We will also encourage the use of more sustainable transport to and from the office.
  • Identify and provide appropriate training, advice and information for all staff on environmental matters.
  • Encourage all employees to reduce the environmental impacts associated with their work and encourage them to develop new ideas and initiatives.
  • Promote and encourage staff involvement in local environmental initiatives/schemes for the benefit of local communities.
  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulation and other requirements.
  • Commit appropriate resources and give managers sufficient responsibility to develop this policy.
  • Set and monitor environmental objectives and targets and continually assess and improve the
    effectiveness of our environmental management system.
  • Make this policy available to all interested parties and review it on an annual basis.